Lenovo VP posts Z6 Pro sample photos ahead of launch

Lenovo will introduce its latest flagship - the Z6 Pro in Beijing on April 23. One of its highlights includes the new Hyper Vision camera which we learned will feature four modules, capable of outputting 100MP shots. The main shooter will have a 48MP sensor, but we still don’t have any details on the other three. Today Lenovo’s VP Chang Cheng revealed some sample shots taken with the Z6 Pro camera.

There’s three shots in daylight, three night shots as well as a trio of sunrise/sunset photos. We can’t judge the overall capabilities of the camera yet since we don’t have confirmation that the samples are straight from the phone, however they seem to pack quite some details.
                                  Lenovo Z6 Pro night shots
Day time shot
sunlight/Sunset samples
 separate video focuses on the phone's macro photography prowess. Again, it's hard to pass any judgement without a reference phone, but  it does look great
The Z6 Pro is already listed on both Lenovo's site and JD.com and we are looking forward to the April 23 event to see what the Hyper Vision camera is all about.
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