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OnePlus 7 Pro to Get HDR, Nightscape 2.0 Improvements in a Week, Company Confirms

  • OxygenOS Product Manager says HDR improvements coming to OnePlus 7 Pro
  • Even Nightscape 2.0 tweaks will be rolled out in the next update
  • OnePlus 7 Pro was launched last week, and early adopters have been complaining of the camera. Users have taken to the forum to complain about several issues like unnatural smooth beauty effect from the front camera, lack of detail and smudgy areas in a telephoto image, and lack of colour and contrast in pictures. The company has now responded to this thread stating that the next update will bring substantial improvements to the camera. The next update will bring HDR and Nightscape 2.0 mode tweaks.
    OxygenOS Product Manager Jimmy Z has replied to a forum thread confirming a new update will arrive in a week or so, and it will bring HDR and Nightscape 2.0 mode improvements. He says that the photos taken in testing with these new improvements are substantially better. He also said that more tweaks are in the pipeline, and need more time for testing. These tweaks will arrive in future updates.
    In his post, Jimmy Z has also urged forum users to send constructive feedback, and send multiple photos that are shot by the OnePlus 7 Pro₹ 48,999and one that is shot by a better camera for comparison. His full post can be read below:
  • Read every reply in this thread. Thank you all for the attention and discussions on the camera. That's always the motivation for our team to continually work hard to meet your exceptions.

    The camera team have been working all the time on analyzing and fixing issues. Every system update contains code from camera of improving the camera quality. I believe some of you receive an update when you got your OnePlus 7 Pro. That's a significant update for camera and I think you don't want to miss it. Moreover, we are working on the next update which is going to be rolled out in a week or so. This update contains improvement on the HDR effect and Nightscape mode, and more tweaks based on some feedbacks from you and reviewers. From our test, photos look substantially better.
    Certainly more tweaks are on-going and we need more time for testing. They will be released in the following system updates.
    Camera quality is quite subjective and uncontrollable since everyone can capture an awful photo in a random scenario. Even though the photo is not quite bad technically, there is always someone giving negative opinion only for the reason that he likes more appealing photo style. Every time when there is a photo sent to us due to negative feedback, our engineers are requested to find the same light condition and object of same color and texture to simulate the photo in order to reproduce the same problem. You can imagine the time and workload needed for fixing every single problem, not to mention the dozens of photos we got from all over the world everyday. We hope you guys could understand and allow us more time keep working on the camera.
    It's an impossible task to meet everyone's requirement and taste. But we do take every feedback seriously. We welcome anyone to send photos or videos that you are not satisfied with to us. It would be better if there is a better one attached for comparison. That would save lots of time for us
    Never Settle.
    The OnePlus 7 Pro is priced in Indiastarting at Rs. 48,990. Key features include a pop-up selfie camera, a triple rear camera setup, a Snapdragon 855 processor, a 3,700maAh battery, and a large 6.41-inch display.

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