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Amazon Quiz Answers Daily 8-12 Answers

Amazon Quiz Answers Daily 8-12- Today’s Answers Of Amazon 21st July Quiz 

Amazon Quiz Time Daily Answers

Amazon Quiz Time Today – Answers of Amazon 21st July Quiz

1) In context to fashion, what is a ‘fedora’?
ans- A type of headwear
2) Did you know that pandas eat anywhere between 12-39 kgs of food every day! What does a panda’s diet mainly consist of?
ans- Bamboo
3) Chief of the Air Staff or Air Chief Marshal is the highest rank in the Indian Air Force. It is the position of commander of the IAF. Who was the first Indian to become Chief of Air Staff in 1954?
ans- Subroto Mukerjee
4) Indian scientists have developed a new material which is capable of absorbing both light and carbon dioxide and could help control environmental issues. What is it called?
ans- Black gold
5) What is the name of the network of higways that connects the four major cities of India – Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai?
ans- The Golden Quadrilateral