Work At Home And Earn Cash. Earn Upto ₹500 | New Refer and earn Per Reffer ₹50

Work At Home And Earn Cash. Earn Upto ₹500 | New Refer and earn Per Reffer ₹50


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Work At Home And Earn Cash

Work At Home And Earn Cash
You Just Needed to Work At Home.You can Earn cash easily. There Is No application. Its Just Website...

How to Earn Cash With The Website

1.Sign Up With Your Email And phone Number

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10 Work Website Provided

1. Data Entry/Typing Jobs- For every page you will get Rs. 60/- to 180/- depends upon page size.

2. Spreadsheet Entry Jobs- You will get Rs. 25/- to 60/- for every sheet, depends upon form size.

3. Sms & Email Sending jobs-For every sms and email you will get Rs. 1/- to 2/-.

4. Posting Jobs- For every ads you will get Rs. 10/- to 15/-, depends upon sites and ad types.

5. Survey Jobs- We will pay you Rs. 20/- to 40/-, depends upon survey size and quality.

6. Form filling jobs- You'll get Rs.10/- to 25/- per form, depends upon form size.

7. Content writing jobs- For every content we pay Rs. 300/- to 600/- depends upon project.

8. Captcha solving jobs- We pay Rs. 250/- to 500/- to solve 1000 Captchas.

9. Power Point Presentation jobs- We will pay you Rs. 500/- to 1000/- per presentation, depends
upon presentation size.

10. Proof reading jobs- We will pay Rs. 300/- to 800/- for each assignment, depends upon
assignment size.


       You can withdraw your payout daily, any time you want. You can login to your account and check

how much you earn. Any time you can transfer it to your bank.

Website have followings payout options-

1. Bank transfer- You can transfer your earning to your bank directly anytime.

2. Mobile wallet- You can also take your payment through mobile wallet anytime. Paytm, icici
pocket and mobikwik are available.

3. Paypal or neteller- You can take your payment anytime through paypal or neteller.
4. Cheque payment- If you request, we will send cheque to your home
(cheque payment takes 3 to 5 days).

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