Deonex Coin Staking : How to get free Crypto coin daily and earn free money each day without loss

 Crypto currency Market is increasing day by day. There are a lot of projects available in market with different Name. We need to trade the bitcoin or other coins to earn money. But right now iam going to show you one of the best project from Deonex coin in which you will not have Loss, there is only profits.

Deonex coin staking

This project called Deonex, will give you daily profit in a fixed percentage of coins you hold.

Features of Deonex Staking

- No Loss, Only profit

- Daily earnings

- You can buy with any amount

- Withdrawal at any time

- Get profit based on your Holdings

- Unlimited earnings, no limits

- Referral Earnings upto 100 levels (Life long Earnings)

How to participate in Deonex Staking Program?

1. First of all Register in Deonex staking Program

2. Fill the form , you will receive OTP to your email

3. After completion of that, Goto Login link and Login with your Username and password.

4. Now you need to Buy Deonex Coin for Holding, from Crex24 exchange Application

5. Signup in Crex24 and buy Deonex coin (DON) - "if you have doubt on how to buy Deonex from Crex24 , whatsapp me on" 8921688609 -

6. Now send the Deonex coin from crex24 to Deonex Wallet. 

You will get the wallet receiving address from > Fund Management > Deposit TRX/DON

Free bitcoin staking deonex don coin

Click on Generate

Deonex Coin free earnings

Then you will get the receiving address and copy it.

Deonex staking
7. Wait for 1 hour, it will reach at your Wallet, and you need to hold it .

On every day at 12:00AM you will receive 0.25% of your holdings to your wallet. You can withdraw you coin any time and also can reinvest to the staking if you need.

How much you can earn from Deonex Staking ?

If you are ready to invest 1000 DON Coin in 50 months ???

 Hold 1000 DON coin for 10 months and get +1000 coin profit (Total 2000 coin)

 If so

 * Next, 4000 coins for 10 months

 * Next, 8000 coins for 10 months

 * Next, 10 months 16000 coin

 * Next, 32000 coins for 10 months 

. At that time the coin price may be minimum Rs.1000, then your earnings will be 32000 X 1000 = 3,20,00000 rupees.

 By buying DON Coin, you can achieve your big dreams in no time

For more Details you can contact me on whatsapp : 8921688609