JioAirFiber 5G: How to Purchase | JioAirFiber Plans

JioAirFiber 5G Plans

JioAirFiber, JioAirFiber 5G Plans , JioAirFiber 5G How to Buy – In Reliance AGM 2022, Jio Announced JioAirFiber with 5G Connectivity. Aakash Ambani, the chairman of Jio stated that it will provide speed like fiber in the Air without any wires. The Jio 5G Rollout will start in Diwali in Metro Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Kolkata, See More Jio 5G Details.

What is JioAirFiber?

It is a device to use high speed Jio 5G connectivity over the Air. JioAirFiber is a wireless device which gives fiber like connectivity. It works on a plug and play setting. It has the ability to support a large number of users on a single network.

The fact that this gadget won’t need fibre inside your home is its biggest feature. It is applicable to any location where Jio’s 5G network is present. Customers wouldn’t have to wait for the installation of fibre in their neighbourhood to enjoy incredibly fast internet.

Users will be able to watch interactive live IPL matches thanks to JioAirFiber, according to Reliance. Users will be able to view several camera perspectives of a live IPL match extremely conveniently thanks to gigabit speeds. This would imply that the viewers’ viewing of the IPL would become incredibly immersive and give them the impression that they were watching something in real life.

In AGM 2022, Jio Chairman displayed this demonstration that how JioAirFiber users would be able to stream multiple camera angles of a sporting event in high resolution over 5G speeds. Users may be able to participate in multiplayer cloud gaming. Also, Users will able to use Jio Cloud PC.

Difference Between JioFiber & JioAirFiber

Reliance Jio Infocomm’s Jio Fiber, a fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) internet broadband service, was originally introduced in 2018 at the company’s 41st annual general meeting under the name Jio GigaFiber.

A speed of up to 1 Gigabit per second is guaranteed by the FTTH broadband service. The GigaTV platform and the company’s goods in the internet of things (IoT) ecosystem would also be supported by it as the primary technology enabler.

JioAirFiber, on the other hand, provides internet connection speed comparable to JioFiber but also opens up fun activities like cloud gaming, immersive shopping, live interactive entertainment, and more. Additionally, JioAirFiber has the capacity to concurrently connect hundreds of households and offices.

JioAirFiber Price

The price of the JioAirFiber Plans in India was not mentioned by the company. We expect that rates & Plans Prices will be in a similar price range of current JioFiber or Little Higher. See the current prices of JioFiber from below table. They are also giving free subscriptions of various OTT with some Plans.

JioAirFiber 5G: How to Purchase | JioAirFiber Plans
Plan Price Validity Speed
999 30 Days 150 Mbps
1499 30 Days 300 Mbps
2499 30 Days 500 Mbps
3999 30 Days 1 Gbps
7497 90 Days 500 Mbps
11997 90 Days 1 Gbps
14994 195 Days 500 Mbps
23994 195 Days 1 Gbps
29988 390 Days 500 Mbps
47988 390 Days 1 Gbps

Above listed price list of plans will be added with GST & are the bundled with Unlimited Data.

How JioAirFiber Works ?

Any AirFibers require the installation of a small antenna on the building that receives a direct signal from a nearby Reliance tower. A fixed wireless connection enables for quick, dependable service because of the connection between one’s location and the tower. This avoids data interruptions, which are frequent with wireless or wired internet connections.

Jio did in fact show off one of AirFiber’s features, allowing customers to simultaneously watch numerous ultra HD camera perspectives of a live IPL match. Additionally, users can dynamically change between the camera viewpoints. Due to its extremely low latency, AirFiber also enables users to play multiplayer cloud games or hold watch parties with their friends.

How to Purchase JioAirFiber?

The launch date of new 5G Hotspot device is not mentioned in the Reliance AGM 2022. But 5G Jio Services will be roll out in Diwali 2022 in India, so it is expected it will be launch after the Diwali.

JioAirFiber can be purchased will be available & purchased from Local Jio Stores. It will be also available in various online portals & You have to complete some registration and documentation to install the services. You have to purchase Data Plan with the Hotspot Device.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on JioFiber Section.
  3. You can Book JioAirFiber from there.

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