[Top 16] Best Instant withdrawal fantasy apps in India 2023

Best Instant withdrawal fantasy apps in 2023

Greetings, friends! As everyone is aware, the ICC T20 World Cup 2023 begins on October 16, and as a result, talks about fantasy apps will be in air. Demand for these fantasy apps will undoubtedly rise as everyone will support for their own teams and even create their own teams in an effort to win real money. And with that, the most frequently requested question was which is the best instant withdrawal fantasy apps in 2023.

Therefore, we are writing a post today on the Top 15 Best Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Apps 2023. These have all been compiled after thorough analysis and statistics. Apart from that, you cannot withdraw your earnings unless you download fantasy apps and have winnings in your wallet. Right? Thereby, download fantasy cricket apps right now and immediately cash out your winnings via Paytm, Bank Transfer, UPI, etc.

[Top 15] Best Instant withdrawal fantasy apps in India 2022

What are fantasy apps?

Fantasy apps are platforms that allow users to enter into a virtual world to play with their friends. The apps are made for people who love fantasy cricket & other sports, where you can make your team in fantasy cricket leagues. These apps feature a fully customizable game that offers statistics, player information, and the ability to play for cash prizes. 

With good analysis and your sports knowledge, you can take part in fantasy tournaments where you must form your squad before the game even begins. You may view the points on the real-time scoreboard during the game, and if your score is higher at the end, you win the contests. That’s all, then! Due to significant winnings, this app is already popular and is anticipated to continue growing.

Why Instant Withdrawal In Fantasy Apps are real need?

There are currently hundreds of fantasy cricket apps in India and all of them claims to be best in their own. Cricket season is going on & lots of users invest high amount of money to play fantasy cricket. But , Problem with most of fantasy apps are they are not able to give instant withdrawal into bank account. Eg. A23 App (Former Fanfight app)– they are one of best in market but they will give withdrawals in 2-3 days. so, our invested & winnings stuck in their wallets. so , we have tried to create this article to compile about fantasy apps that gives instant withdrawals.

List of Best Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Apps in 2023

No. Fantasy App Name Minimum
Refer & Earn
1 MPL ₹1 ₹75 Cash Bonus
2 Vision11 ₹200 ₹100
3 Sportasy ₹200 ₹10
4 Gamezy  ₹25 Upto ₹12516
5 Real11 ₹50 ₹50
6 Winzo Gold ₹10 ₹50
7 Playerzpot ₹150 ₹100
8 Fantasy Power 11 ₹100 ₹100
9 11Challengers ₹200 ₹50
10 Paytm First Games ₹100 ₹50
11 MyFab11 ₹150 ₹100
12 MyTeam11 ₹100 ₹100
13 Ballebaazi ₹10 ₹50
14 Howzat ₹200 ₹500
15 Oneto11 ₹50 ₹100
16 Sportasy ₹200 ₹50

1) MPL App

  • MPL Referral Code: 
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 10
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 1
  • Withdrawal Methods: Paytm, Amazon Pay, UPI, Bank account
  • Referral Amount: Rs 75 Cash Bonus 

MPL that tops the list of instant withdrawal fantasy app is very special among fantasy users. The fact is that the minimum withdrawal amount is only 1 Rs, and there are over 60 games to choose from. On MPL, you may play fantasy sports including baseball, basketball, football, kabaddi, and fantasy cricket in addition to games. Hence, it is India’s Biggest Gaming Arena Platforms. 

Furthermore, MPL has launched Opinio, a brilliant opportunity to share your thoughts and win a large amount of money. Downloading this app via the Google Chrome browser gets you to a free Rs. 10 signup bonus. This best fantasy app also features daily contests, weekly tournaments and another great ways to earn quick money. The MPL app offers contests with no entry fees.

2) Vision11 App

  • Vision11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 300
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 200
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer, Paytm or Instant withdrawal options
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

When Vision 11 was released a year ago, it quickly rose to the top of the list of instant Paytm withdrawal fantasy apps. This app has completely blown people’s minds with its less competitions and massive payouts. You can make several teams to increase your chances of winning, and you can eventually withdraw in a matter of seconds.

The Vision11 Paytm Instant Withdrawal option is incredibly quick, secure, and reliable. While bank transfers require verification, Paytm allows for quick withdrawals. Also, if you defeat the champions team, you will receive a 2X multiplier on your profits. Thus, everything is very easy to use, from earning money to taking winnings. Therefore, get Vision11 right immediately. 

3) Sportasy App

  • Sportasy Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 500
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 200
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank & Paytm
  • Referral Amount: Rs 10

Sportasy is the best fantasy sports app in India available with a 100% bonus that may be used. It is one of the top apps on the market, offering Rs 500 for signing up. Because there are low entry costs and limited competitors, it is popular in the fantasy market. Simply said, people can simply beat their opponent with a compelling squad and immediately cash out their profits.

In addition, there will soon be exciting esports action available on Sportasy, which includes Call of Duty, Fortnite, Free Fire, and others. If you are really looking to play fantasy, consider Sportasy, one of the top fantasy apps in India, without a thought. Making money on this best Paytm withdrawal fantasy app becomes very straightforward thanks to the enjoyable tournaments and simple winnings.

4) Gamezy App

  • Gamezy Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 25
  • Withdrawal Methods: Instant Paytm withdrawal and Bank Transfer
  • Referral Amount: Upto Rs 12516

Every time we hear Gamezy, it sounds like it has already been heard. I see, right! A lot of the Gamezy advertisements we saw on TV were during the IPL season. This makes it one of the most popularly used India’s fantasy apps with instant withdrawal. There are more than 15 games and the best gaming experience available to you on this platform.

Gamezy’s Refer & Earn system is on another level because it promises to pay up to Rs 12516 for just one referral, which is amazing. It is the best paytm withdrawal fantasy app because to its data privacy and zero fraud guarantee. You ultimately get to participate in 1Cr+ tournaments with quick withdrawals. Start your winning journey right immediately on Gamezy.

5) Real11 App

  • Real11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 75
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 50
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank & Instant Paytm Transfer 
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

As the name suggest, Real11 is known for its uniqueness and real-time instant withdrawals process. On instant Paytm withdrawals, no KYC is necessary for Real11. However, KYC is required for bank accounts. You play against actual gamers and easily defeat them. What’s more, fantasy sports here includes Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, and basketball.

For a wonderful start to win money, daily deals and offers, several competitions with tons of features are ideal. Even this brand new fantasy app offers affordable leagues with entry fees as low as Rs 1. You can play live fantasy and compete against friends or family members in addition to simple fantasy leagues. Finally, sign up using the Real11 referral code to receive a bonus of up to Rs 175 and 5000.

6) Winzo Gold App

  • Winzo Gold Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 10
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank Transfer, Gift Card, UPI and Paytm
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

Wizno gold has grown in popularity and can be found in nearly every device in India. It is well renowned for more than 100 mobile games, rapid withdrawals, and a secure social gaming platform in addition to fantasy sports. It also provides newcomers with free-to-play competitions and games to fill their wallets. Ludo, Carrom, Metro Surfer, Bubble Shooter 2, and fantasy cricket are a few of the games that are popular.

Meanwhile, you may take advantage of a 100% bonus when playing games on this great fantasy sports app in India. It also has a profitable referral system that pays Rs 50 for each referral. The most unique feature that we all like is the mere Rs.10 minimum withdrawal amount. Therefore, everyone can earn money and safely withdraw it.

7) Playerzpot App

  • Playerzpot Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 150
  • Withdrawal Methods: Instant withdrawal, Paytm & Bank account transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

Playerzpot is one of Playerzpot Media Private Limited’s top fantasy instant Paytm withdrawals apps. Simply build an unbeatable team that can win in competitions using the strategy. Every user receives a 100% bonus on their initial deposit as well. There is no commission applied to H2H, H3H, etc contests. 

You can share your Playerzpot referral code with your friends to ensure lifetime earnings. The games that you can play on Playerzpot is Quiz, Chain Reaction, Carrom, Sheep, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders, Chess, and many others. It also provides weekly tasks every week, for which you can win rewards worth up to Rs 100. So join the fantasy gaming community to enter to win daily prizes. 

8) Fantasy Power 11

  • Fantasy Power 11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 100
  • Withdrawal Methods: Paytm and Bank Transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

Fantasy Power 11 is yet another great fantasy app with instat withdrawal. It has limited competition, which increases your chances of winning. In addition, Fantasy Power 11 gives you access to the best sports games, like cricket, football, kabaddi, and others. It is simple to use and has a user-friendly UI as compared to other fantasy apps available on the market.

Aside from this, w hen you sign up, you receive Rs 100, which you may use to play games and withdraw right away. Whether you are an expert or a newbie, you can share your knowledge and talents to tactically win the competition. Download Fantasy Power 11 as a result.

9) 11Challengers

  • 11Challengers Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 200
  • Withdrawal Methods: Bank Account transfer & Paytm
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

One of the top instant withdrawal fantasy apps in India is 11Challengers, which offers a 20% referral profit commission. It indicated that if your referral signs up using your 11challengers referral code, you will receive 20% of all lifetime prizes. It features a relatively modest entrance fee compared to other apps, making it possible to enter a range of contests. 11 Challengers offers 100 Rs as a sign-up bonus to new customers.

Additionally, you can withdraw money from it within a few seconds using paytm and banks. Numerous chances are presented to you to take part in competitions and daily contests for real cash. The minimum withdrawal amount is also Rs 200, and each referral receives Rs 50. Finally, although it operates similarly to other fantasy games, its low entrance fee and generous bonuses help it stand out.

10) Paytm First Games

  • Paytm First Games Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 100
  • Withdrawal Methods: Paytm, Bank transfer and UPI
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

People in India are really fascinated in Paytm First Games since legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is its brand ambassador. Rummy and fantasy make it the perfect leisure spot for fans of games and fantasy. You may expect challenging competitions, interesting missions, and huge rewards. To compete with your rivals, you must create a strong XI.

Both iOS and Android users can download this best instant withdrawals fantasy app in India 2022. You just need to finish the registration process to obtain an exclusive Rs 50, and you can then begin participating in fantasy leagues. Your deposit balance is not withdrawable, but you can immediately withdraw your winnings into your Paytm Wallet. 

11) MyFab11

  • MyFab11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 150
  • Withdrawal Methods: Paytm, Bank Transfer & UPI
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

Look no further than MyFab11 for the most reputable and trustworthy fantasy app. It is regarded as the most safe fantasy app in India with an immediate withdrawal process. The Indian cricketer Sanju Samson is the app’s brand ambassador. In addition, its unique feature—no bonus expiry—allows you to use it forever.

This app will undoubtedly rank among the top 15 fantasy apps in India for rapid withdrawals thanks to its lifetime affiliate commission and bonus up to Rs 5999 on the initial deposit. There are nine different sports available on this site, including cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, and many others. Download MyFab11 to earn massive rewards.

12) MyTeam11 App

  • MyTeam11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 100
  • Withdrawal Methods: Instant Paytm withdrawals and Bank & IMPS transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

For any fantasy sports fan, MyTeam11 is a fantastic platform.  Users of Android and iOS can download the MyTeam11 app and begin their experience.  They receive Rs 100 as a welcome incentive when a new referral joins. It gained attention since one of its well-known brand ambassadors is Virender Sehwag. Additionally, the customer service is excellent, which helps its large user base.

This safe and secure 100 rupees withdrawal fantasy app with paytm withdrawals is 100% legal. It has strict fairplay rules that prohibit the use of bots when playing. IPL, BBL, and ICC World Cup are all covered by fantasy cricket leagues. As a result, you are able to start your own team in any major league and earn rapid cash. There are two options: instant Paytm withdrawals and bank transfers.  

13) Ballebaazi App

  • Ballebaazi Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 10
  • Withdrawal Methods: Paytm and Bank transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

Ballebaazi is another instant Paytm withdrawal fantasy app on the list. You can play fantasy basketball, football, and fantasy cricket with this app, among many others. The best thing about the app is that you can compete with world-class players for the best sports gaming experience. This app has already been downloaded by more than 80 lakh users.

You can withdraw prizes using this platform using Paytm, Bank, UPI, Astropay, and Mobikwik in around 100 seconds. As a result, it offers a variety of withdrawal choices from which to select. On the quiz, you even receive a scratch card that allows you to earn more money.

14) Howzat App

  • Howzat Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 50
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 200
  • Payments Methods: Paytm & Bank Transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 500

Howzat is renowned for offering new customers a welcome incentive of up to Rs 3000. This instant withdrawal earning app is legally certified, secure and trusted by many real users across the globe. By using the necessary expertise, you must predict and create your virtual squad of 11 players in order to earn high money. 

Even legendary players like Harbhajan Singh, Shardul Thakur, Yuvraj Singh, and Irfan Pathan are available to play with. Take advantage of exclusive sign-up incentives and daily freebies to enjoy your day. It just needs a small amount of space, thus there is no loading delay. You should without a doubt download this instant withdrawal Paytm app due to its user-friendly UI and quick withdrawal system.

15) Oneto11 App

  • Oneto11 Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 100
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 50
  • Payments Methods: Paytm & Bank Transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 100

Oneto11 is the first social fantasy gaming platform in India where you may win significant rewards. Oneto11 has more than 3.1 million users who benefit from its features. Don’t pass up the opportunity to receive 1.5% off of your referral’s participation. It includes a tonne of awesome features that let you continue with this platform and make an endless amount of money.

The minimum withdrawal amount with Paytm and bank transfers is simply Rs 50. You can participate in contests on it without spending more money, and you can see how little competition there is. Don’t forget to download the Oneto11 app if you intend to earn money. because this app offers a referral system and a virtual team for earning.

16) Sportasy

  • Sportasy Referral Code:
  • Sign Up Bonus: Rs 200
  • Minimum Withdrawal: Rs 500
  • Payments Methods: Paytm & Bank Transfer
  • Referral Amount: Rs 50

Blossomfield Gamingzone Private Limited is a gaming firm with headquarters in India that brings together under one roof a wide variety of daily fantasy sports competitions as well as online E-sports events featuring games such as Free Fire, Call of Duty, FIFA, and others. Instead of simply taking part in the activity itself, “providing a unique gaming platform for users to employ their strategic understanding of the games we all enjoy” is the basic tenet upon which our company was founded and continues to operate.

There are many of contests to select from, so pick the ones that pique your interest and get ready to get your adventure into the world of fantasy sports off to a winning start. Determine your skills and make use of the analytics, then pick the appropriate players from the various possibilities that are accessible to you. You may set the Best 11 and then run the show from the palm of your hand.

Ways to win money on Fantasy apps & withdraw it instantly

To win money with Fantasy applications, there are many different tactics and ways. If you have already used these apps, you may be familiar with the methods. If not, though, continue reading the ways below. First and foremost, the obvious solution is to establish a team and make money. This is also one of the most well-liked and efficient ways to make money with fantasy apps. 

Second, there are a variety of games available in these fantasy apps, like Rummy, Poker, Ludo, etc. You can therefore participate in these fun games and have the opportunity to increase your income. Thirdly, the easiest approach to make rapid cash in a short amount of time is using refer & earn. Because you simply need to refer friends and family members to receive money work is required on your part. In addition, you can look at many more options and make money from them, such as 2nd innings and live innings.

Once you have money in the winnings section, you can instantly withdraw your winnings using Paytm or your bank. For bank transfers, you must provide information such as your name, IFSC code, etc. Paytm has no such requirements. Consider it according to your convenience, and withdraw your real money instantly. Happy to hear that your prizes have been credited! 

Wrapping Up

Friends, these are the Top 15 Instant Withdrawal Fantasy Apps in 2022 that we have stated. All of the applications are legitimate and pay real money, and they are all 100% legal to use. You can download these applications, participate in your favourite contests, and withdraw your wins immediately. Most people choose to withdraw money using Paytm & bank transfer.

Additionally, both of these ways are so rapid that your account is credited with your total winnings in a matter of seconds. Isn’t it so easy to make money and cash out winnings? Yes, exactly! Therefore, download the top fantasy apps in India right away and provide your feedback in the comments section about the app.