Airtel Free Data Code Today [October 2023] Claim 60 GB 5G Data

Airtel free data code

Airtel free data code – When it comes to high connectivity in India, Airtel stands out with its reliability and high-speed 5G data. It shines brightly as one of India’s fastest-growing telecom providers. And if you’re already a part of the Airtel family, we’ve got something special in store for you – Airtel free data codes.

These free Airtel data codes come in handy when you’ve exhausted your daily data limit or when you need some extra data for the weekend. No matter the reason, anyone can use these codes to get up to 10 GB of data for free. 

Airtel free data code

Now, no more need for constant data usage tracking and concerns about exceeding your daily data limit. Just keep reading to discover some free airtel data coupon code and learn how to get your hands on them. And, say goodbye to data saver plans forever!

How we are providing this Airtel free data codes :

As you continue reading below, you will discover numerous apps that offer free data and other methods to acquire complementary data codes. Currently, we already have multiple accounts on these free data-giving apps and have successfully obtained different free airtel data coupon codes. We are pleased to share these codes with our users absolutely free of charge.

Furthermore, our extensive user base allows us to consistently receive free codes through various channels. You can use these airtel free data coupon codes without any worries to boost your data and enhance your day’s experience. 

Additionally, we run a Telegram channel where we regularly post free giveaways. It’s essential not to miss out on joining this channel, as it offers a fantastic opportunity to earn Airtel free data.

Airtel Free Data Code 2023 Today (Working)

All of the Airtel codes we offer are entirely free and legitimate for use. We have rigorously tested some of these codes, and they have been proven to provide up to 10 GB of free data. 

However, if you delay in checking them, there is a possibility that they may have expired or been claimed by someone else. But rest assured, we update coupon code for airtel free data daily. Simply reach out to us to receive the latest updates as quickly as possible.

In addition, our talented team is committed to providing you with daily access to unused data codes that our users can redeem right away. Basically, it runs on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to ping our website and get notified about it.

Airtel 1 GB data coupon code today (unused – 30th October Updated)

  1. 3A7R9T1B2D8
  2. M5N8P4Q2K9
  3. X0Z3VYB8E1
  4. 2C4D6E8F0G
  5. T7U9V1W3X5
  6. K4L6M8N0O1
  7. E7F9G1H3I5
  8. 9S8T6U7V4
  9. 0B3C5D7E9
  10. R4T6S8U0V2
  11. L5A8J4M2N6
  12. G0H3I7K9L1
  13. Q2X4Y6Z8C0
  14. B3D5F7R9T1
  15. U7V9W1X3Y5
  16. 6E8G0I2K4M
  17. 1P3S5U7W9
  18. O2V4C6D8F0
  19. Z1X3Y5B7N9
  20. 4H6T8M0R2S
M4N9O5P0Q6R1 C3D8E4F9G5H0
S7T2U8V3W9X4 W4X9Y5Z0A6B2
K6L1M7N2O8P3 K0L5M2N8O3P1
C6D1E7F2G8H3 Q5R0S6T1U7V2
E9F4G0H5I1J6 Q9R4S0T5U1V6
M0N5O1P6Q2R7 U5V0W6X1Y7Z2
O1P6Q2R7S3T8 A8B3C9D4E0F5
A8B3C9D4E0F5 S3T8U4V9W5X0
E6F1G7H2I9J4 G2H7I3J8K4L9
I3J8K4L9M5N0 C6D1E7F2G8H3
I4J9K5L0M6N1 K2L7M3N8O4P9
P5Q8R0S2T3U1 W3X8Y4Z9A0B5
V7W4X9Y1Z6A3 W3X8Y4Z9A0B5
T7U4V9W1X6Y3 J4K9L1M6N2O7
N5O8P0Q2R3S1 B5C8D0E2F3G1
Z5A8B0C2D3E1 H4I9J1K6L2M7
J4K9L1M6N2O7 P5Q8R0S2T3U1
V7W4X9Y1Z6A3 B5C8D0E2F3G1
A2R7B9F1C6D4 E5H8J3K2L0M7
All this airtel free data codes claimed from Kurkure Packs

Airtel 2 GB Coupon Code free (New)

  • T7U4V9W1X6Y3
  • Z5A8B0C2D3E1
  • F4G9H1I6J2K7
  • L5M8N0O2P3Q1
  • R7S4T9U1V6W3
  • X5Y8Z0A2B3C1
  • D4E9F1G6H2I7
  • J5K8L0M2N3O1
  • V5W8X0Y2Z3A1
  • P7Q4R9S1T6U3
  • B4C9D1E6F2G7
  • H5I8J0K2L3M1
  • N7O4P9Q1R6S3
  • T5U8V0W2X3Y1
  • Z4A9B1C6D2E7
  • F5G8H0I2J3K1
  • L7M4N9O1P6Q3
  • R5S8T0U2V3W1
  • X7Y4Z9A1B6C3
  • L5M8N0O2P3Q1
  • F4G9H1I6J2K7
  • B7C2D4E9F1G6
  • N9O4P1Q6R2S7
  • H3I5J8K0L7M2
  • F3G5H8I0J7K2
  • L9M4N1O6P2Q7
  • I1J2K3L4M5NS
  • C6D7E8F9G0HD
  • Q6R7S8T9U0VY
  • K1L2M3N4O5P5
  • E6F7G8H9I0JG
  • Y1Z2A3B4C5D8
  • S6T7U8V9W0XI
  • M1N2O3P4Q5RB
  • G6H7I8J9K0LN
  • A1B2C3D4E5F9

(All this airtel free data codes claimed from Kurkure & Lays Packs)

Airtel 5 GB free data code

  1. A1B2C3D4E5F5
  2. G6H7I8J9K0LG
  3. M1N2O3P4Q5VR
  4. S6T7U8V9W0XX
  5. Y1Z2A3B4C5DA
  6. E6F7G8H9I0J6
  7. K1L2M3N4O51P
  8. Q6R7S8T9U0V0
  9. C6D7E8F9G0HO
  10. I1J2K3L4M5NX
  11. O6P7Q8R9S0TZ
  12. U1V2W3X4Y5ZQ
  13. A1B2C3D4E5FB
  14. Y1Z2A3B4C5DL
  15. E6F7G8H9I0JS
  16. K1L2M3N4O54P
  17. Q6R7S8T9U0V2
  18. W1X2Y3Z4A5B0
  19. C6D7E8F9G0HA
  20. I1J2K3L4M5NZ
  21. O6P7Q8R9S0TB
  22. U1V2W3X4Y5ZM
  23. A1B2C3D4E5FZ
  24. E6F7G8H9I0JX
  25. K1L2M3N4O5WP
  26. Q6R7S8T9U0V1
  27. W1X2Y3Z4A5BV
  28. C6D7E8F9G0HO
  29. I1J2K3L4M5NR
  30. O6P7Q8R9S0TF

(All this airtel free data codes claimed from Kurkure & Lays Packs)

10 GB data airtel free (Latest)

T5R1Q7P3L0K9 Q7R1T5Z2W0X8
D7C8B2A4N6M0 H8J0I5G3F4E1
Z2X8W0U3V7Y1 T5R1Q7P3L0K9
B7M0N3A8C4D9 I5F3E1H7J0G2
W0Y2Z8X6V4U1 R1T5Q7K9L0P3
N6M0C8D7B2A4 E1G3H8I5J0F4
P3Q7T5K9L0R1 X2Z8U3W0V7Y1
C4A8B2M0D7N6 V7W0X2U3Z8Y1
P3Q7T5K9L0R1 F4G1H7E1J0I5
D9C8N6B2A4M0 A8C4D9B2N6M0
J0K9L0Q7P3R1 K9L0P3R1T5Q7
Y1X2V7W0Z8U3 M0N6D7C8A4B2
U3V7W0X2Z8Y1 P3Q7R1T5L0K9
C8A4B2M0D9N6 H7I5F4G3E1J0
B2A4N6C8D7M0 X2U3V7Z8W0Y1
U3X2Y1V7W0Z8 B2A4C8D7N6M0
(All this airtel free data codes claimed from Kurkure & Lays Packs)

Latest Airtel free data coupon code 2023

Here we have described some of the latest airtel free data code 2023. Let’s have a look

All New Airtel Data Coupon Code free 2023 Amount  Status
G7H8I9J0K1L2 1 GB Free Updated 3 seconds ago
R5S6T7U8V9W0 1 GB Free Updated 7 seconds ago
L7M8N9O0P1Q2 5 GB Free Updated 9 seconds ago
0Z1A2B3C4D5E 10 GB Free Updated 11 seconds ago
Y6Z7A8B9C0D1 2 GB Free Updated 15 seconds ago
9N0O1P2Q3R4S 2 GB Free Updated 17 seconds ago
I9J0K1L2M3N4 5 GB Free Updated 21 seconds ago
D5E6F7G8H9I0 1 GB Free Updated 29 seconds ago
8Q9R0S1T2U3V 10 GB Free Updated 33 seconds ago
U7V8W9X0Y1Z2 5 GB Free Updated 46 seconds ago
B9C0D1E2F3G4 5 GB Free Updated 55 seconds ago
7E8F9G0H1I2J 2 GB Free Updated 6 minutes ago
0S1T2U3V4W5X 2 GB Free Updated 18 minutes ago
H3I4J5K6L7M8 2 GB Free Updated 22 minutes ago
3N4O5P6Q7R8S 10 GB Free Updated 27 minutes ago
W1X2Y3Z4A5B6 10 GB Free Updated 35 minutes ago
8J9K0L1M2N3O 1 GB Free Updated 42 minutes ago
P7Q8R9S0T1U2 1 GB Free Updated 46 minutes ago
I5J6K7L8M9N0 2 GB Free Updated 51 minutes ago
U3V4W5X6Y7Z8 5 GB Free Updated 58 minutes ago
D9E0F1G2H3I4 5 GB Free Updated 58 minutes ago
(All this airtel free data codes claimed from Kurkure & Lays Packs)

Note that: Please be aware that the Airtel free coupon code for data listed below may expire in the near future. Else if they are already showing as expired then no need to stress. Our team is working on it and will replace them with fresh, usable codes.

Just stay calm and keep an eye on our website for updates. If you need the latest codes, simply visit our website at the top for the most current information.

How to earn free Airtel data Codes? (Best 5 Ways)

Earning free data on Airtel has now become easier. For just putting in your free time, you can quickly earn free data airtel coupon codes. 

If you’re looking to save money or simply get an extra data pack, here are the best 5 ways to do so.

Airtel Thanks app Offer to claim Airtel free Data Code

Airtel thanks app is randomly giving away 1 GB free Airtel data codes to Airtel prepaid plan users. Many users have received message of 2 GB Airtel free data code too like below. Follow below steps to claim this free Airtel data instantly.

Airtel Thanks app - Claim 1 GB Free Data

1) Join Our Telegram Channel

Do you always look for discounts or love getting freebies? Our Telegram channel is where you should be. Every day, we giveaway free Airtel data codes that can get you up to 10 GB of free data. 

You can use our today airtel coupon codes on the Airtel Thanks app to get instant data. But hurry up, because we only have 10 codes every day! So only the active users will be able to utilize these.

Besides that, joining our Telegram channel is easy. Just find us, ping us at the top, and start getting free Airtel data. Plus, we also have other giveaways like Paytm cash and Google Play codes. And rest assured, we handpick the deals and other freebies for you all. 

In addition to this, all our deals and codes are real and safe. With so many scams out there, we make sure to protect your privacy and offer only the best deals. If you’re new to Telegram, start with our channel to make the most of your money.

2) Airtel Thanks app

Launched by Bharti Airtel, the Airtel Thanks app is a one-stop shop to manage Airtel services like mobile, broadband, and DTH. You can check your data balance, pay bill payments and even recharge your phone within a matter of seconds. 

This fantastic app also gives its users the ultimate cashback for doing prepaid recharge. Along with this, you can scan QR codes to get cashbacks worth Rs 20 each. For promotions, Airtel keeps on giving free coupon codes periodically. So there are countless options to earn a free data pack from the Airtel Thanks app. 

Steps to get 2 GB airtel thanks app coupon code:

  • First of all, download the Airtel thanks app and launch it. 
  • Next, Browse through prepaid plans. 
  • Then hit the recharge button.
  • To grab the free 2GB data coupons, recharge with one of the following plans: Rs 839, Rs 719, Rs 699, Rs 549, Rs 359, or Rs 265.
  • Once the recharge is successful, your free data coupon code for airtel thanks app will be in the ‘Thanks coupon section’.
  • That’s it! Claim them from the ‘My coupons’ area. 
  • Keep in mind, these offers are exclusive to the app and aren’t available on the website or other platforms.

3) Free Recharge giving apps

Technology has given us some cool stuff lately, especially numerous apps that give us airtel redeem code free data and cashbacks. All you have to do is some easy tasks or answer a few questions on these apps.

Some apps even let you play games or share them with friends to earn points. As you keep doing this, you’ll get points or something like digital coins. When you have enough, you can redeem them for free Airtel data. Sounds simple, huh? Keep reading, and we’ll tell you about the best apps to use:

1. Pocket Money 

Pocket Money is one of the best online platforms to earn some side income. Simple actions like watching movies, expressing your comments, or trying out new apps are required of you. As you engage daily, you will earn points. Fortunately, you can trade them in for free Airtel data recharge. 

Furthermore, you can also earn free Paytm cash and gift cards. Just download the app and use the given referral code, and you could get an extra Rs 200 straight away. Truly, this app is one of the best to get free recharges.

2. Earn Talktime 

Earn Talktime is among the other [popular apps that offer free data coupon for airtel users. It lets users win free recharge and other bonuses. To earn coins you need to perform simple tasks. Some tasks come from brands, and others are daily tasks you can do on your phone. Once you collect coins, you can use them in many ways:

  • Get free mobile and data recharges.
  • Earn wallet cash because Earn TalkTime works with many popular wallets.
  • Pay your mobile bills up to Rs 1000 every month.

Moreover, you can instantly use your coins to top-up your mobile, get Google Play codes, or see different recharge plans. They even have a referral system to help you earn more. 

3. mCent Browser

This app doesn’t give you money, but you can earn recharge by browsing with it. It’s called the mCent browser. Instead of your usual app, use mCent to browse.

To begin, make a free account by downloading it through Google Play Store. Then, install apps they suggest to get points. You can use these points when you recharge your Airtel phone, either prepaid or postpaid. The browser is easy to use, making your internet surfing smooth. So, with mCent, you can browse and earn at the same time.

4. Gigato

Tired of waiting for WiFi? Try Gigato for free internet data, especially for Airtel users! Download apps, use them, and earn extra data in return. It’s simple: the more you browse, the more data you get. 

And don’t worry, Gigato respects your privacy. It’s trusted, user-friendly, and supports all major prepaid mobile operators in India, especially Airtel. To start, download Gigato, register, and watch your data grow. 

5. BigCash

BigCash is a well-known gaming platform that allows you to enjoy one-of-a-kind gameplay. Users can enter daily free tournaments and play a variety of games to win prizes for free. 

You can withdraw your prizes for Paytm Cash, UPI Transfer, and most importantly, free recharge. This is one of the noteworthy features. You can enjoy playing a number of well-known games, like Rummy, Poker, Call Break, Candy Crush, 8 Ball Pool, and many more. 

4) Flipkart Supercoins

If you often shop on Flipkart, you get something called super coins. You can use these coins to recharge your phone for free! Plus, they give you other cool offers and gifts. 

However, keep in mind that these coins only last for 1 year. So, use them before they’re gone. And if you want more coins, just buy your regular stuff, like clothes or gadgets, from Flipkart. This way you keep getting free data in Airtel before your daily data plan gets over. 

5) Kurkure/Lays Offers

Believe it or not, your favorite snacks can get you free data! Sometimes, Airtel teams up with snack brands like Kurkure and Lays for special deals. With this, you could get free 1GB or 2GB of extra data from them.

However, these deals don’t happen all the time. The promotion deal may vary from time-to-time depending on their criteria. To know if there’s a deal, just look at the Kurkure or Lays packet. If it says something about cashback, you’re eligible for it.  

Let’s check how can you win 1GB/2GB free Airtel data: 

  • Buy a Kurkure or Lays pack with a “free data” offer on it.
  • Look inside the pack for a 12-digit unique code.
  • Go to the Airtel Thanks website or app.
  • Enter the code from the pack.
  • Wait for a confirmation message.
  • Enjoy your free data!


1) What are Airtel free data codes?

Airtel free data codes are 12-digit alphanumeric codes which can be used on their official Airtel Thanks app to claim free data. These codes or offers provide data without needing a standard recharge. 

2) How to get free data in Airtel without recharge?

You can get free data by using promotional offers, specific apps, or simply joining our telegram channel. Surprisingly, the easiest way to get free Airtel data recharge is participating in our giveaways.

3) Are Airtel free data codes genuine?

Yes, the codes from official sources are genuine. But always be cautious of fake codes or scams from unofficial sources. Notably, the above listed codes are 100% verified and reliable.

4) Does the Airtel recharge promo code have an expiration date?

Absolutely, most Airtel airtel free internet codes come with a validity period of 28, 56 or 84 days. Once that period ends, you can’t use that code anymore. 

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