Best 10 Freefire Free Diamond Earning Apps in India November 2023

Best Freefire free diamond earning apps

Best Freefire free diamond earning apps – Hey, free fire champions! Dreaming of that elite pass or that exclusive skin, but your diamond always looks a little empty? All of us have been there. But don’t worry! We’ve curated a list of top 10 best freefire free diamond earning apps that will enhance your gaming journey with amazing characters and skins. 

In India, where Free Fire is the most popular & loved game, everyone enjoys giving their characters luxurious accessories. It does so because it offers an incredible gaming experience. You may purchase in-game vehicles, emotes, pet skins, character skins, weapon skins, and much more with these pricey diamonds

Best Freefire free diamond earning apps

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However, it’s tough for everyone buying these luxurious diamonds from their hard-earned money. You might be a student saving your pocket money or a passionate player where gaming credits feel pricey, and we totally agree! 

And we’re here with super-cool solutions! This is the best guide to get unlimited diamonds without investment and experience premium items and purchase in-game currency at zero investment. So let’s get started! 

Best Freefire free diamond earning apps In India

Freefire Free Diamond
Earning Apps
Download link No. Of Diamonds
You can earn
1. mGamer App Click Here 200
2. Gift Play App – Earn Game Credits Click Here 2000
3. Google Opinion Rewards App Click Here 1000
4. D Gamer App Click Here 400+
5. Joy Wallet App Click Here 500
6. Spin Gamer App Click Here 600
7. Sports Guru Pro Click Here 100
8. Royal Pass App Click Here 50/Day
9. Cash Alarm App Click Here 400
10. mCash App – Daily Reward Click Here 100+

1) mGamer App

With over 10M+ downloads, mGamer is one of the best free fire diamond earning apps. With various tasks ranging from watching videos, completing surveys, playing games, lucky draws, etc, you can collect coins. Later on, these coins can be converted to free diamonds in free fire.

MGamer - Best Freefire free diamond earning apps

This free fire max free diamond app provides a mix of entertainment and rewards with its simple-to-use interface. You may even exchange the earned coins for Paytm cash and other mediums. Thus, mGamer has emerged as a go-to choice for free fire enthusiasts. 

How to earn free diamonds through mGamer? 

  • Spin daily wheels and win up to free 20 coins
  • Participate in daily tasks 
  • Fill multiple surveys and give your opinions
  • Refer friends and family to get up to Rs 250 per referral
  • Play fantastic games 
Pros Cons
Daily spins available Limited earning potential per day
No lag experience
Immediate payout into Paytm cash, Freefire diamonds, etc.

2) Gift Play App – Earn Game Credits

Gift Play is more than just another free fire max diamond app with no risk of fraud. Start with logging with your Google account, collecting golds and redeem these for awesome rewards in your Gift Play Store. It’s not one of those tedious “watch-n-earn” apps – it’s pure, organic fun. 

Gift Play App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Engage, play, and earn – that’s the mantra of this unique platform, giving you unlimited diamond by daily 20-25 mins grind. This real diamond earning app for free fire promises engaging activities and a steady flow of game credits. As a result, it stands out as your companion for the budget-conscious gamers. 

How to earn free diamonds through Gift Play? 

  • Test your luck with “Magic Safe” feature
  • Play wheel of fortune to unlock your premium stuff
  • Get unique rewards every Monday
  • Generate gold daily engaging daily
Pros  Cons
Immersive gaming experience Earnings may vary based on tasks
100% secure and reliable
Top up other battle royale games

3) Google Opinion Rewards App

Have an opinion? Google Opinion Rewards values it and gives rewards based on that. This is an app built by tech giant Google, with over massive 50M+ downloads. You may help enhance Google products, give them opinions or complete surveys. Isn’t that easy? Yep, earn hassle-free free diamonds and real cash hassle-free with this 100% genuine free fire diamond apk. 

Google Opinion Rewards App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Short and easy surveys are given to users. You receive Play Store credit for completing them, which you can use to get free diamonds in free fire id. Although not directly convertible to diamonds, these credits can be strategically used for in-game purchases, making that coveted item in Free Fire more accessible.

How to earn free diamonds through Google Opinion Rewards? 

  • Get easy survey every 2-3 days
  • Win daily login rewards
  • Give your opinions within a matter of seconds
Pros Cons
Numerous surveys available Limited to Play Store purchases
Simple UI
Backed by Google

4) D Gamer App

D Gamer has revolutionized the way Free Fire players view rewards. With its varied tasks, earning free diamonds in free fire is possible in just a few taps. Games, trivia, and check-ins are just the beginning. They have multiple ways to earn rewards and get ever-lasting experience.

DGamer App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Simply download the D Gamer app on your device, input your Free Fire UID, and get unlimited diamonds in free fire within a day. Thus, it’s a game-changer app to keep getting diamonds daily! 

How to earn free diamonds through D Gamer? 

  • Complete in-app tasks and gaming missions
  • Every survey completed adds extra bonus
  • More you play, more you win diamonds
  • Buy, sell and transfer digital currencies
  • Indulge in tournaments and leaderboards
Pros Cons
Play fun games and tournaments Ads can be trouble for you
No investment needed
Various modes of payout available

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5) Joy Wallet App – Best Freefire free diamond earning apps

As the name suggests, Joy Wallet ensures that gamers are joy-filled with unlimited diamonds. It is one of the best apps to earn diamonds in free fire by quickly participating in special events. Instead of having to make a deposit, you receive money for having time. 

Joy Wallet App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

They contain over 500 single-player and multiplayer, which means you are definitely moving towards a thrilling experience. Bring your buddies and closed ones and grab free coins convertible into those pricey diamonds. 

How to earn free diamonds through Joy Wallet?

  • Play over 500 games
  • On signing, win upto Rs 50 free points
  • 100 Rs for each successful referral
  • Skillfully outperform the competitors in games to win big
Pros Cons
Redeem your hard-earned points quickly Might contains occasional glitches
All-in-one gaming platform
Multiple earning methods

6) Spin Gamer

What if the diamonds you desire were just a spin away? Spin Gamer makes it possible! A single spin holds the potential to change your diamond destiny. It’s totally a luck-based free fire max free diamond app that brings you closer to your favorite characters, skins or in-game purchases.

Spin Gamer App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Being one of the best apps for free fire diamonds, it ensures user privacy and safety. They offer round-the-clock customer support for your queries. Download it from Google Play Store to earn endless diamonds in your wallet.

How to earn free diamonds through Spin Gamer?

  • Try your luck with wheel of fortune and win upto Rs 1000
  • Get exclusive upto Rs 100 bonus on signing 
  • Don’t miss any spins in a day
Pros Cons
Engaging and fun Outcomes based totally on luck
No deposit required Limited spins unless you purchase more
Daily spins accessible

7) Sports Guru Pro– Best Freefire free diamond earning apps

For those who breathe sports and live gaming, Sports Guru Pro is a dream come true. It’s a sports betting app that is based on fantasy prediction and creating virtual teams. You can share your sports knowledge and fuel your Free Fire diamond ambitions.

Sports Guru App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Every right guess on this diamond earning apk takes you closer to your desired in-game diamonds. So, while you celebrate your favorite team’s win, there’s a bonus waiting in your Free Fire account. 

Install the app, pick your top 11 players, join leagues, and win! Then, turn your winnings into Free Fire diamonds. It’s that simple!

How to earn free diamonds through Sports Guru Pro?

  • Make sure for accurate sports prediction
  • Earn good points from correct bets
  • Participate in grand leagues, tournaments, H2H, etc.
  • Gives an opportunity to win upto lakhs 
Pros Cons
Coverage of mega events like IPL 2023, World Cup, etc Risks associated with betting
Get in-depth analysis of team
Expert advice for creating 6 GL teams

8) Royal Pass

In the universe of Free Fire, Royal Pass is the best free fire free diamond earning app. It offers you daily missions, challenges, and events, ensuring your diamond reservoir is always on the way. Alongside, it lets you get free seasons royal pass and other notable rewards.

Royal Pass - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Similar to other free diamond earning apps, you need to complete tasks on a day-to-day basis. This promises you to winning exclusive skins, including the Octopus Parachute and Shark Gun skins. Why wait more, then? Turn your free time into diamond time with the Royal Pass app.

How to earn free diamonds through Royal Pass?

  • Daily missions and participate in events 
  • Collect enough points and swap them for Free Fire diamonds
  • Leaderboards are another way to top the league
Pros Cons
Easy-to-navigate interface Multiple ads during gameplay
Unlock best skins and characters
Regular events 

9) Cash Alarm App

Without a doubt, one of the best reward apps is Cash Alarm. With over 10 million downloads and 4.4 star ratings, it is guaranteed to be a safe & unforgettable experience. This is the well-known Best Freefire free diamond earning apps because they don’t offer deposit alternatives or in-app purchases.

Cash Alarm - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

Play the mobile games of your choice to earn cash, gift cards, and coupons. Their quick payouts and user-friendly design make earning diamonds a breeze! Give your efforts playing top-notch games and turn them into your dream character with this best app for free fire diamonds apk! 

How to earn free diamonds through Cash Alarm?

  • Play quick games 
  • Browse offers section
  • Achieve in-app milestones and tasks
Pros Cons
Fantastic withdrawal options Limited earning opportunities
Offers modes of games
Trade coins for various gift cards

10) mCash App – Best Freefire free diamond earning app

mCash is another top money earning app in India present on the Google Play Store for earning free fire diamond free. They offer free Rs 10 for the first sign up. Dive into tasks, surveys, or free games, and keep your earnings growing. Plus, for staying updated with the latest news, you earn real rewards. 

mCash App - Best Freefire free diamond earning app

After downloading, get your setup done and start performing tasks to ensure more and more diamonds. Last but not least, Invite friends, and when they join, you both win. Cash out seamlessly via Paytm, PayPal, or choose from various gift cards. 

How to earn free diamonds through mCash?

  • Get Rs 5 on inviting your first friend
  • Daily complete atleast 3 tasks
  • Get Rs 10 for free for consecutive login for first very 7 days
  • Earn upto free 20000 diamonds in free fire id
Pros Cons
Earn simple money May feel repetitive after a while
Less efforts required
Gift card option available


1) Which is the best freefire free diamond earning app in India 2023?

Depending on your interests and abilities, the best app may change. But mGamer, Google Opinion Rewards, and Royal Pass are among the new free fire diamond earning apps in India. These initiatives make it simple to quickly generate diamonds. 

2) Are these free fire diamond earning websites legal?

Yes, a large number of these websites and apps are legitimate. To be cautious is necessary, though. Always install the latest version of the app from trustworthy sources or directly from Google Play Store.

3) Can I use free fire diamond earning apps on multiple devices to earn more diamonds?

On a technical level, it is possible, but it might not be a smart idea. Many apps have terms of use that restrict this kind of behavior.

4) Do I need to make any investment on diamond-earning apps?

The majority of these applications allow you to start out for free and let you earn diamonds by completing activities. Some could charge for ‘premium’ features, so always check before dealing with your cash.

5) Is Paytm withdrawal available on any free fire diamond earning app? 

Yes, many free diamond free fire max apk in India offer Paytm as a withdrawal option since it’s a popular payment method there. However, some may not, so double-check while withdrawing your winnings. 

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