FreeUp App: Order a Free Product & Earn from selling Old Products

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Get Free Products/Samples & Earn by reselling your products

FreeUp is an online marketplace that links users from different nations to buy and sell goods. Customers who previously used the product but no longer need it, but who are from a different location want it. Then, since the product has already been used by someone else, they may both sell and buy it on FreeUp for a discounted price.

It is a fantastic program that lets you order items for nothing by utilizing freeUp coins. Given that it has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store and 1 million downloads, the app is reliable. It has enabled a large number of users worldwide to sell and buy goods online at competitive prices.

The software is intriguing since it allows users to make money by selling their unwanted goods and by purchasing free goods. It is also linked to major corporations like Amazon, Myntra, Nykaa, Swiggy, etc., and offers discounted prices on their gift cards. Additionally, it offers free samples and goods.

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How to order free products from FreeUp?

Many customers all across the world have placed free orders and are continually doing so. By doing the following, you will be given the chance to order free products online:

Step 1: Download & Install the FreeUp App from here – Download from here

Step 2: Sign up & Enter the Referral code to get Free 300 Coins

FreeUp Referral Code is – EFMAw

FreeUp Referral Code

See Methods to Earn More FreeUp Coins for Free below.

FreeUp Referral Code

Step 3: Go to the homepage, Select “Search” from the search panel and enter the name of the item you wish to purchase.

Step 4: Click on Coins & Go to Grab Free Items.

Step 5: Add your address, phone number, and email address, then click “Confirm.”

Step 6: Click “Pay” and select an appropriate payment option.

Step 7: Within 7 days after the order date, the product will be delivered. The delivery details will be provided in the profile section.

FreeUp Referral Code

How to earn FreeUp Coins To order Free Products ?

In the currency section, there are numerous ways to acquire FreeUp coins. When you complete the tasks in all three categories, the coins will be credited to your account right away. Scroll down to find the sell, profile, and community sections.

FreeUp Referral Code

In sell section

You will receive a credit for the currency you chose to sell when you sell a product on FreeUp for coins and the product is successfully delivered.

The 10 coins will be credited to your wallet when you use the freeUp label when selling your product.

In profile section

By adding information to your profile as directed, such as your name, gender, occupation, the reason you downloaded FreeUp, information about you, and interests. Free 120 coins will be credited to your account after you have provided all of this information.

FreeUp Referral Code

You will be successfully validated after logging in with Google or undergoing verification there, and your wallet will be awarded with Free 50 coins.

Similar to Google, you must also be validated by Facebook before receiving another Free 50 coins in your wallet.

In community section

Free 200 Coins: Giving positive feedback and ratings on the Playstore or Appstore

Free 10 Coins: Get after giving your first purchase on FreeUp a rating.

Free 5 Coins: You can also report problems with the FreeUp app

Free 300 Coins: Another option to earn FreeUp coins is by referring your friends. When they download and register with your referral code they get extra bonus and when they order a product you will get 100 coins or when they sell then, they will get 200 coins.

Selling is ultimately related to saving money, and by selling their used and obsolete products on FreeUp, many customers are saving money. By selling your goods on FreeUp, where payment is made on FreeUp wallet, UPI, or bank account within a few days of delivery, you can also save money.

How to sell old products on FreeUp?

You can sell your products on FreeUp by taking these steps:

Step 1: Select “sell” from the area at the bottom

Step 2: If you want to learn how to sell, click on post item or easy sale.

Step 3: Select “Got it” and carry on.

Step 4: From your phone’s camera or from files, add a front, back, and closer photo.

Step 5: Identify the location where the item will be picked up.

Step 6: Indicate the title, category, price, and details of the product’s condition.

Step 7: After reviewing the writing and selecting “Post,”

Step 8: As soon as the customer purchases the item, your item will be picked up from the address you provided and inspected.

Step 9: The product is listed and sent to the customer.

Step 10: Upon delivery of the product. Your FreeUp wall, UPI, or bank account will get the necessary amount.

Pro Tips to sell products easily:

  • Make the front photo appealing at all times. The buyer clicks on your front-facing image to learn more about your goods.
  • Always make the title appealing. This is vital because the title is what draws customers to your goods in the beginning.
  • Always give in pristine condition or better. If the goods are in good or like-new condition, the buyer might appreciate your product and decide to purchase it.
  • Price reductions from time to time – A product’s initial price may be expensive, but after a week, the price should be controlled or reduced to make it cheaper to buy.

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