JioCinema Premium Membership for FREE [Working Methods]

JioCinema Premium For FREE

JioCinema Premium For FREE , JioCinema Premium account Free, JioCinema Premium: Jio Cinema has emerged as a popular Indian OTT platform, providing a vast collection of movies, TV shows, and original content. While Jio Cinema offers free access to its extensive library for Jio users, there are also premium subscription plans available that unlock exclusive content and offer ad-free viewing.

In this article, we will delve into the Jio Cinema premium plans and explore various methods to obtain a free JioCinema Premium account.

JioCinema Premium Account FREE

JioCinema Premium Subscription Plans:

Jio Cinema only provides one premium subscription option in order to accommodate the various requirements of viewers looking for a better streaming experience. Let’s take a closer look at these plans:

Yearly Plan – Rs. 999

  • Subscribers gain uninterrupted access to premium features, including exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and high-quality streaming.
  • Users can Watch on any device up to 4 devices simultaneously.

Benefits of JioCinema Premium Memership:

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, then a Jio Cinema premium subscription is a great option. You will get access to exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and high-quality streaming.

  • Exclusive content: Premium subscribers get access to exclusive content that is not available to free users. This includes movies, TV shows, and original content.
  • Ad-free viewing: Premium subscribers can watch Jio Cinema content without ads.
  • High-quality streaming: Premium subscribers can stream Jio Cinema content in high quality.
  • Access to all the HBO and WBD content
  • Streaming up to 4K resolution.
  • Simultaneously stream on four different devices with the same account.

JioCinema Premium for FREE | Working methods

  1. Free JioCinema Premium with MyJio app quiz contests
  2. Free JioCinema Premium for Voot select users
  3. JioCinema ads free DNS trick
  4. JioCinema free with offers & free trials
  5. JioCinema Premium free for OnePlus TV users

1. Claim Free JioCinema Premium from MyJio App

MyJio app is running the daily quiz contest & spin and win contest. You can win free Jio data, Free Jio recharge & other brand coupons from this contests. You can even easily win Free Jio Cinema Premium account coupon from this same contest. Follow below steps to Play & win.

Claim Free JioCinema Premium from MyJio App
  1. First of all just download / Update MyJio App
  2. Go to JioEngage or Jio Play & win section
  3. Scroll down below
  4. You will see ‘Win exciting coupons’ section
  5. Click on Spin Now
  6. Play daily & you can win the free Jio Cinema Premium subscription from it.
  7. Enjoy !!

2. How to Use JioCinema App Without Ads | Premium Trick ?

This is exclusive method & trick to turn off every ads showing in JioCinema App. Follow each steps carefully to use this method

  1. First of all just open the ‘Settings’ app in Your phone
  2. Now search for ‘DNS
  3. Click open ‘Private DNS
  4. Now again select ‘Private DNS provider hostname
  5. Write down this in url box –
  6. Click on Save button
  7. Restart the JioCinema app now & done !!
  8. You will not encounter any ads in JioCinema app now
  9. You can follow same steps in Mobile, Laptop, Smart TV

3. JioCinema Premium account for Free | Trials & Offers

Here are some of the ways to get a free JioCinema Premium account:

  • Take part in a MyJio App contest: Jio often runs contests on My Jio App , in Jio Engage Games. Last time many games gave Free Jio data. Wait for the upcoming on MyJio Engage Games, If you win a contest, you may get a free JioCinema Premium account memership.
  • Get a free trial: Jio is not running any Free Trial, They maybe launch a Free Trial in the upcoming days.
  • Flipkart Supercoins: Flipkart maybe offer free subscriptions with super coins, as they gave Zee5, Voot, and Sonyliv & more free subscriptions

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If you are looking for a way to watch movies and TV shows for free, then you should consider getting a free JioCinema Premium account. There are a number of ways to get a free account, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

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4. Free JioCinema Premium Membership for Voot Select Users

If you are Voot select (premium) user, then here is best new of the day for you. You can easily get JioCinema free premium membership without paying even single rupee. Just follow the below steps to claim your free premium membership.

  1. Open you Whatsapp & send SMS to below contact number
  2. JioCinema help center : 8169567366
  3. Just send ‘Hi‘ message there
  4. Instantly you will get reply with JioCinema Premium promo code
  5. Now copy the code
  6. Download the JioCinema app & login into account
  7. Click on ‘More
  8. Again click on ‘Subscribe now
  9. Click on apply promo code
  10. Enter the promo code , you have received
  11. Done !! Your Free JioCinema premium membership will be activated instantly.
JioCinema Free Premium Subscription

5. FREE JioCinema Premium For OnePlus TV Users

The international technology company OnePlus has established a strategic alliance with JioCinema for the 2023 TATA Indian Premier League season. With this most recent partnership, OnePlus TV customers will have access to JioCinema’s vast collection of premium regional and worldwide programming, particularly its enticing selection of well-liked sports programming, which includes the Indian Premier League currently in progress and the Indian Premier League 2023. The collaboration will increase JioCinema’s Indian audience by drawing on the rapidly expanding smart TV user base of OnePlus.

While viewing the TATA IPL on JioCinema, users of OnePlus TV will have access to a number of novel features, including 4K streaming, multi-camera presentation, and 12 different languages over 16 distinct feeds.

How to activate JioCinema Premium Membership?

The steps to activate Jio Cinema Premium are as follows:

  1. Open the JioCinema app or website.
  2. Open your Jio account and log in.
  3. Select “Subscribe Now” from the menu.
  4. Choose the desired subscription package.
  5. To finish the payment procedure, enter your payment information.
  6. Upon successful payment completion, your Jio Cinema Premium subscription will be enabled.
  7. After that, you can use any device to begin viewing unique content.

If you have Jio service, one excellent method to get the most of your connection is to subscribe to Jio Cinema Premium. You will be captivated for hours on end by Jio Cinema Premium’s extensive content selection and ad-free viewing experience.

How to Cancel JioCinema Premium Membership?

You can terminate your JioCinema Premium account in one of two ways:

1. Using the JioCinema application:

  1. Launch the JioCinema app, then log in with your credentials.
  2. Press the “My Account” symbol.
  3. Choose “Subscriptions.”
  4. Select your JioCinema Premium subscription by using the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  5. Verify your want to end your subscription.
  6. By way of the JioCinema webpage:

2. Visit the JioCinema website and log in using your credentials.

  1. In the upper right corner of the screen, click on your name.
  2. “Account Settings” should be selected.
  3. On the “Subscriptions” tab, click.
  4. Next to your JioCinema Premium subscription, select the “Cancel Subscription” option.
  5. Verify your want to end your subscription.

Your subscription to JioCinema Premium will be instantly terminated. JioCinema material will still be available to you, but premium services like ad-free streaming, HD and 4K content, and the option to download movies and TV series to watch offline will be unavailable.

It’s crucial to know that any unused portion of your membership will not be reimbursed. You will continue to have access to JioCinema Premium until the end of that billing cycle if you cancel your subscription before the end of your billing cycle.

HBO and WBD Premium shows on JioCinema Premium

  • Succession
  • The Last of Us
  • House of The Dragon
  • The White Lotus
  • True Detective: Night Country
  • Euphoria
  • Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty
  • Perry Mason
  • HBO Original Series:
  • The Idol
  • White House Plumbers
  • The Sympathizer
  • The Regime
  • Sex & The City
  • Game of Thrones
  • Big Little Lies
  • Chernobyl
  • Veep
  • And Just Like That…
  • Peacemaker
  • The Flight Attendant
  • Dune: The Sisterhood
  • The Batman
  • The Penguin
  • Duster
  • East New York
  • Gotham Knights
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Dexter’s Laboratory
  • Tom & Jerry Kids


Jio Cinema has gained immense popularity in India, offering a wide range of entertainment options for its users. While Jio Cinema provides free access to its extensive content library, the premium subscription plans provide additional benefits such as exclusive content, ad-free viewing, and high-quality streaming. Users who wish to obtain a free JioCinema Premium account can explore options like Free Trial, MyJio App contests, and more upcoming ways. By utilizing these methods, users can enjoy the premium features of Jio Cinema without any financial commitment, enhancing their streaming experience and access to exclusive content.

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