Now Whatsapp Comes with New Text Formatting Bold, Italic, Strike

_Now you can use formatted text in WhatsApp._


*See below instructions for how to do this*
WhatsApp users can now use formatted text...

*Bold*, _Italics_ and ~Strike-through~ in their text messages.

It will change the way you talk to your friends.

• Bold
Add an asterisk (*) before and after the specific words or phrases you want to embolden

Eg :- *Harshitha*

• Italics
Add an underscore (_) before and after your chosen words or phrases

Eg :-  _Ganji_

• Strikethrough
Add a  tilde (~) before and after the words or phrases you want to strike a line through.

Eg:- ~online~

_I bet_ *Airtrlhacker the first one to inform u*

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