( Must Try) Only For Mi Devices - iOS 10 Ambiance - Most Stunning Theme Similar to IOS

Xiaomi phones with the MIUI running on it are called as iOS-like. However, basically it is still different since MIUI devices run different UI with totally different design even though the overall concept is similar: elegant and modern design. We love MIUI and its design but for some reasons some people, especially ex-users of iOS, prefer to have iOS taste on their phones. Therefore themes like this one is made for you called iOS 10 Ambience (Night Star).

This MIUI theme not only brings iOS taste on Xiaomi devices but also some other unique features like 4 unlocker styles, falling star animation, attractive icons, and the most important part is the iOS status bar.

We personally like this theme so much since its maker is an Indonesian known as deuge7746. You don’t need to download its .mtz file since you can simply launch Theme app and grab this theme from there. Alternatively, here’s the Zhuti link to the theme:


Click on this Link From Any Main browsers you will be redirected to this theme on theme store.
So just Download & Enjoy the Feel of IOS.



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