(Working) Vodafone - Free Internet Trick (August 2016)

Hey Guys.

We are Back with Free Internet Trick For Vodafone Users.
In this trick you don't need Any VPN or Any Proxy.
It's a Simple Trick to Enjoy Unlimited Free Internet.
Just Follow the Steps to Try this trick In your State.

Features of this Trick:-

- Working in Zero Balance.

- Working in Many States of India.

- No Need Of Any VPN & Proxy.

- No Need Premium Account

- Speed 500KBps in 3G (Speed is Depend On Your Network!)

Steps to use this Trick:-

• First make sure you have a 3 months old sim and 0 balance so that you can take a loan.

• Then Take 5 rs or 10 rs loan from your Vodafone Sim.Then remove it for 48 hrs from mobile.

• After 48 hrs your balance will become negative.Vodafone do not cap speed in negative balance so you can use it with a 3g FUP plan.

• In some states like kerela, it is working without 3g plan. But Your balance  must be negative to use this trick.


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