Park+ Quiz Answers: Play Today & Get Free Petrol [23rd March 2024]

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Park+ Quiz Answers Today

Park+ Quiz Answers Today: Imagine getting free petrol for your car just by playing a quiz on your smartphone. It sounds too good to be true, but that’s exactly what the Park+ app is offering to its users. Park+ has come up with an innovative way to reward its users by giving away free petrol through a daily quiz. This unique initiative not only adds an element of fun to your routine but also helps you save big on fuel expenses. So, let’s find the details and find out how you can fuel up your car for free!

The Park+ Quiz is a daily quiz that app users can participate in to win free Park+ petrol. Each day, you have the opportunity to earn 50ml of free petrol simply by answering the quiz questions correctly. It’s a quick and easy way to add a little extra fuel to your tank without spending a penny.

Similarly, we post Daily Amazon Funzone Quiz Answers to Win Free Amazon Pay Balance. But the real excitement about Park+ Quiz begins when you keep a streak of answering the quizzes daily. By maintaining a streak, you can increase your daily reward to up to 1000ml of free petrol for a week.

How to Play Park+ App Quiz?

1. Download the Park+ App from here: Download the App

2. Sign up with your Mobile Number & verify it with OTP.

3. Fill out your other details. If they ask for your vehicle details, give it to Get up to 1 Ltr Free.

4. Go to the Petrol section from the bottom of the Homepage.

5. Go to Park+ Petrol.

6. Scroll below to Play Quiz & Earn Up to 1 Ltr. Click on it.

7. Quiz will start, now give all answers to the Park+ Quiz from below.

Park+ Plus Quiz Answers Today 23rd March 2024

1. The First car with Biometric vehicle Access was 

Answer is- Tata harrier B

2. When did India mandate airbags in new cars 

Answer is- April 1 2021 B

3. In Dil chahta Hai they take a road trip to 

Answer is- Goa B

4. The Leh manali Highway goes through which range 

Answer is- Himalayas B

5. Indian EV maker behind Smart charging infrastructure

Answer is- Mahindra electric B

Park+ Plus Quiz Answers Today 21st March 2024

1. Whats the term for taking attractive car photos 

Answer is- Auto photography

2.____hosts cartist exhibition using vintage cars 

Answer is- Jaipur

3 . in Dhoom 2 , Which car was featured in hiest scenes 

Answer is- Lamborghini Gallardo

4.who built the world’s first Practical car 

Answer is- Karl benz

5.Which us considered the world’s first mass production car 

Answer is- ford model T 

Park+ Plus Quiz Answers Today 20th March 2024

1. You need to renew your PUC certificate every ____

Answer is- 6 months 

2. When was the first Indian Car Ambassador, launched

Answer is- 1956 

3. Which brand produces the XUV500 and the scorpio

Answer is- Mahindra &Mahindra 

4. Which brand produces Harrier &Safari 

Answer is- Tata motors 

5. Which car is not a sub compact SUV in India 

Answer is- Maruti suzuki Baleno

Park+ Plus Quiz Answers Today 19th March 2024

1.How many rings are there in audi logo

Ans – Four

  1. One of the worlds cheapest cars in world by Tata is

Ans – Tata nano

3.Use of _ in vehicles reduces pollution

Ans – CNG

4.The car in the movie Ferrari ki sawari belongs to

Ans – Sachn tendulkar

5.The country where it is illegal to drive a dirty car

Ans – Russia

Park+ Plus Quiz Answers Today 17th March 2024

Question 1. which pedal is not required in an automatic car 

Answer is – clutch 

Question 2. a bull is the logo for which Italian car company

Answer is – Lamborghini

Question 3 . Which animal does porsche have in its logo

Answer is – Horse 

Question 4. what is the first indian car to be exported to Europe

Answer is – Zen

Question 5. which car brand is this 

Answer is – Hyundai

How to Redeem Park+ Petrol?

1. Fill up the Park+ Petrol Tank of 5 Ltr.

2. Buy an Indian Oil Voucher worth Rs.2000

3. You will get 5 Ltr Free with Indian Oil Voucher.

Once you’ve accumulated enough free petrol through the quizzes, you can redeem it through the Park+ Tank feature. The Park+ Tank is a virtual fuel tank within the app that keeps track of the petrol you’ve earned. When your Park+ Tank is filled up to 5 litres, you become eligible to claim your free petrol.

To claim your 5 litres of free petrol, all you need to do is purchase a Rs. 2000 voucher for Indian Oil from the Park+ App. The voucher amount will cover the cost of the petrol, and you can simply show the voucher at any Indian Oil petrol pump to fill up your car’s tank without spending any additional money.

The Park+ Quiz is not only an entertaining way to start your day but also a fantastic opportunity to fuel up your car for free. With daily quiz rewards and streak bonuses, you can accumulate free petrol quickly and efficiently. So, why not take advantage of this innovative initiative and save on your fuel expenses while having some fun along the way?

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